Welcome to the all-new Reines-de-Course.com

We are in the process of adding Ellen’s articles naming Reines that originally appeared in Pedlines.
To access an article go to the Alphabetical list of Reines (under Reines & Families).  Where the name of a Reine is underlined, simply click on it and the article will appear.
Many Reine names will go to the article in which they were named.  For an extreme example, when *La Troienne was named so were 21 of her descendents.  Thus, clicking on, say, Allemande will take you to the original *La Troienne article.
Recognize that these are the original articles published over the course of a number of years so references to a Thoroughbred who was living at the time may no longer be valid.  But the family histories these articles provide are unmatched anywhere on the web.

Welcome to Thoroughbred family histories.

–Ron Parker