The Reines-de-Course (“Queens of the Turf”) series was created by Ellen Parker (above) in 1991 as a guide to influential female Thoroughbred families that could be utilized to improve the breed.  Now, over 25 years after its inception, the number of mares given the coveted designation of Reine-de-Course has grown to over 900.  More than a list of names, meticulous research and lengthy articles have surrounded the naming of each family, creating a historical documentation on female Thoroughbred families not found in any other singular location.

As “Bull” Hancock observed, “the family is stronger than the individual,” and prior to the creation of the Reine-de-Course series very little information was widely available.

Today the Reines have become part of several computer pedigree programs (not unlike the list of Chefs-de-Race, though Reines don’t come with magical ‘numbers’), and are a solid source of information impacting breeder and buyer decisions.   Even a few handicappers have been known to consider female family influences in making their decisions.

Ellen Parker, who Leon Rasmussen once dubbed as “Round Table’s Boswell,” brings to the Reines the same time-consuming passion and love she offers breeders when analyzing their mares, or when she is writing each issue of our newsletter, Pedlines.

We hope you enjoy your trip through our website, where the Thoroughbred is both King and Queen.

—Ron Parker