It’s been a good long while since we wrote about the Rinovata clan, March of 1999 to be exact.  We always expected to return to this group of mares to augment and update it, but we’ve taken way too long in doing so.

One thing is certain:  We are starting to see Mr. Leader pop up here and there in pedigrees again.  Lion Heart and Distorted Humor alone are certain to keep his name alive.

Horses like Sinister Minister just might help, too.

Given these facts, it’s a good idea to re-visit Rinovata via the branch that gave us Mr. Leader – the mare Donetta via the modern taproot mare Bellesoeur.  Bellesoeur was by the tremendous broodmare sire *Beau Pere (inbred to Quiver and the same tail-female line as Sunday Silence) and she added another Quiver cross via Swynford.

She was also inbred to Black Duchess via Black Cherry/Bay Ronald.  But she had plenty of speed as well via multiple Bend Or lines from Bona Vista x2, Radium, Doremi, and Orme x2.

There are some ‘living’ daughter lines via Wedding Reception (Erandel in particular), Moment to Buy (especially Arrested Dreams), and Sound of Success – look for foals out of Caerleon’s Success, dam of Stuka.  There are plenty of young international mares, too, and the enclosed printout is a place to start.

Daughters of Distorted Humor are already old enough to be bred and although it’s going to take awhile before Lion Heart has broodmare daughters, it’s never too soon to plan for the next generation.  That’s how great breeders like the Aga Khan built broodmare bands that are renowned the world over.

So new Reines-de-Course under Rinovata are Donnetta, Bellesoeur, Jolie Deja, Leap Lively, and Sound of Success.  As always, we’ll keep an eye out for improvement in other branches, and hopefully won’t take so long to re-visit such a wonderfully productive group again.

Family 2-N