Dark Display

Time teaches us more pedigree lessons than anything else and if ever we needed to learn one, Dark Display was the proper teacher.  This daughter of hot-tempered Display, who could not run a lick, is not merely the fourth dam of Storm Bird, but she is a great deal more.

Furthermore, due to the preponderance of Storm Bird blood, particularly via Storm Cat, one needs to know more about the family in order to inbreed to it.  Dark Display’s son, Battlefield, is one of the keys.  Another is the mare Salmon Lake, who is the third dam of the fine filly Spoken Fur, victorious in two of the filly classics – the Mother Goose and Coaching Club American Oaks.  Spoken Fur also ran third in the Alabama and Gazelle.

Battlefield is the key at present.  He is found in horses carrying Arts And Letters like Alphabet Soup and Gold Alert, in horses carrying Spend A Buck, like young sires Pico Central (Brz) and Friend’s Lake.

New Reine-de-Course Pontivy is a Battlefield daughter, and he appears via Overskate in horses like Burning Roma.  The Battle of Roses branch of Rowes Bud, which contains  horses like Dixie Flag, Betty Lobelia, Crowned and Personal Hope (who is inbred to Dark Display).  Battle of Roses was by Yorktown, a son of Battlefield.

Atwitter, a Battlefield daughter, was out of *La Troienne’s granddaughter Twitter and was inbred to *La Troienne.  Atwitter’s *La Troienne branch has spawned such good horses as Nasty And Bold, Told and Pembroke.

So, there are many places to find Battlefield blood.  It’s a little harder to find via Salmon Lake and of course it will take Spoken Fur some time to make her presence felt.  However, there are some horses like Beveled who have daughters out there and female members of the family itself.  Be on the lookout for them, especially those who trace to Sans Arc.

For the time being, Dark Display is added to the 4-J clan and is of course the “lead mare”.  Her daughter Salmon Lake is also named a Reine-de-Course, due to her live family, particularly via Spoken Fur.

Family 4-J