Ron’s Little Corner of the Paddock

I am forever indebted to Simon Morris of Syntax Software at Isle of Capri, Queensland, Australia, for his ongoing patience and assistance in guiding me through the perils of this new website software program.

Simon created the pedigree program TesioPower (now owned by Alistair Nicolson in Great Britain) that includes Reines-de-Course as part of the program.  Pedlines readers are familiar with the six and seven generation pages we generate with TesioPower that are frequently included in each issue.

When I first was in touch with Simon some years ago, discussing the inclusion of Reines in the program, his address of Isle of Capri led me to believe he worked and lived on a tropical island somewhere near Australia.  I conjured up images of native beauties serving exotic drinks and fanning him with palm leaves (or whatever shrubbery might be growing there) allowing him to create programs while reclining on a beach with the sound of crashing waves adding to his reverie.

Recently I asked Simon for a description of this tropical paradise.

“‘Isle’ is fanciful by the way,” he replied.  “It was a sodden dairy farm, virtually useless to anyone.  But a canny investor knew he could pile up earth on top of the mud and hydraulics would dry it out.  So he got the earth he needed by digging canals and one of them happened to separate the area from the property next door.  An island was born and a real-estate fortune was made.  A bicycle salesman from Melbourne went on to be the Mayor and is now one of the city’s founding fathers.”

Ah, yes, another dream shattered.

Say That Again?

“Cary Grant, Hollywood’s quintessential leading man, was a regular fixture at the races.  He was also a member of the board at Hollywood Park and was married to its chief executive, Marjorie Everett.”
–Item in GALLOP Magazine (Sweden), Summer 2018

Things We Like

One of our Pedlines subscribers in the United Kingdom, in renewing her subscription, commented that “I would rather have beans on toast for a month rather than miss my subscription to Pedlines.”

And you wonder why we love the British.

In Quotation Marks

“We long ago, worldwide, gave up breeding for soundness–ability is everything–and i can’t see our ever changing that.  We work them, run them and hope they last long enough to win a big race.  And even if they don’t, we send them to stud anyway.”
–Australian James Bester in an interview with Kelsey Riley in TDN Australia/NewZealand, September 6, 2018