Kaiserwurde (GER)

The remarkable Kaiserwurde is our latest Reine-de-Course.  This 1945 daughter of the La Farina sire Bubbles would be a likely candidate because of the great sire Monsun (GER) alone.  Though this grand stallion is not tail-female to Kaiserwurde, he like so many good German horses, is inbred to her via Kronung, the second dam of his sire, Konigsstuhl, and Kaiseradler, sire of his third dam, Monacensia.

A Dominant Force

Monsun is a rule rather than an exception.  This year, he sired the German Derby winner Schiaparelli, one of 26 graded stakes winners and four champions he has gotten to date and one of three German Derby winners he has sired.

We first mentioned Kaiserwurde as a possible Reine addition two years ago when we wrote the following:  “It looks as if the German matron Kaiserwurde is long overdue to become a Reine-de-Course.  Take a look at her influence in this year’s (2004) German classics:

“German Derby winner Shirocco and German Oaks winner Amarette are both by Kaiserwurde inbred Monsun.  German Derby second Malinas is inbred to Kaiserwurde via full siblings Kaiserkrone and Kaiseradler.  And German Oaks third Saldentigerin’s broodmare sire, Alkalde, is inbred to Kaiserwurde via Koingsstuhl and Kaiseradler.”

A Study In German Inbreeding

All very well and good, plus Schiaparelli is a full brother to not only German Oaks winner Salve Regina but also to Samum, another German Derby winner.  This mating (all are out of the Old Vic mare Sacarina), produces some fascinating inbreeding in addition to Monsun’s own unique lineage.

The trio owns a double and a treble of two other influential German matrons: Osterfreude is doubled via Olympiade in Monsun and via Organdy in Sacarina.  Then the mare Aversion is trebled due to the two crosses of her son Alchimist and the line of her daughter Aditja.

We could go on, for there is far more, but the idea that Monsun likes “outcrossed” mares, as has recently been written, is patently absurd.  Probably our favorite example of the “non-outcross” is German and Italian Champion Anna Monda.

Not only is she x3 Feola (Angelola/Above Board/*Knight’s Daughter), but she is also x2 to Double Life via Persian Gulf/Precipitation.  Then her dam is inbred to Winnica via half siblings Waffenart and Wahnfried and to full siblings Astrologie-Abendfrieden (Ferro-Antonio).  We could go on – in fact, we could write a book about this mare’s inbreeding!

Bringing In New Blood- Or The Northern Dancer Non-Factor

It is amusing to us when anyone says Northern Dancer works well with this or that line.  How can it not?  There are almost no horses without it, so what is really important today is not the Northern Dancer itself but what else is in the pedigree that works with a given line and what bits and pieces of Northern Dancer’s pedigree blends with the sire or broodmare sire in question.

Europe is saturated with this blood, but as with Anna Monda, who is out of a Northern Dancer-line mare (Anna Of Kiev by Salse by Topsider by Northern Dancer), that is the least important thing about the mating!  In essence, Northern Dancer  – at least in Germany – is little more than background noise.

Just as an example, we compared the pedigrees of Northern Dancer and Monsun’s paternal grandsire, Dschingis Khan, since both were born in 1961.  It’s amazing how much they have in common.

There are three crosses of Catnip via Nogara x2/Nera Di Bicci, there is a cross of Polly Flinders and her half sister Molly Desmond, there is a Black Cherry/Bay Ronald cross and there is enough Canterbury Pilgrim to sink four large ocean vessels.

In Its Own League

We have digressed here only because it is important to understand that a German horse is a law unto himself.  He has so long been inbred to Dark Ronald and a select group of unique mares that, like the “Boussac breed” that that great breeder gave to racing, German horses have a look all their own.

Nearly all of them are inbred to Dark Ronald and nearly all of them are inbred to Morganette, Black Duchess, Isonomy, and Barcaldine.  Many are inbred to Aversion, Lis or Ostenfreude, or to Friar’s Daughter via Bahram/Dastur.   In recent years, some Phalaris was added – there’s nothing else much left to add – but make no mistake, the background is the stamina and good bone of Dark Ronald and St. Simon.  These are iron horses.

What is worrisome to us is that some bloody fool is going to come along and add so much Phalaris that the German horse, as a breed, will alter.  We certainly hope not!

In September of 2001, Daily Racing Form’s Alan Shuback, who is so often right on the money, wrote the following about the German breeding industry:

“Refusing to buckle under to the fashionable commercial breeding market, Germany was establishing solid foundations in the 1980’s as stallions like Konigsstuhl and Surumu paved the way for future champions.

“Koingsstuhl, the German Triple Crown winner of 1979, when the classics were still restricted to German-breds, was champion sire three times.  Surumu, the 1977 German Derby winner, has been even more predominant, leading the sire lists six times between 1985 and 1992.  He has also been Germany’s leading broodmare sire six times since 1991.

“Koingsstuhl’s best son, Monsun, is out of a mare by Surumu.  A three-time Group 1 winner, he was Germany’s leading sire with his first crop, led by Germany Derby winner Samum.”

As Shuback ended his column on another important note:

“Another factor in the steady rise of German racing cannot be underestimated:  The German Jockey Club forbids any horse who has ever raced with Lasix or Bute to stand in Germany.”  We repeat; these are iron horses and they are unique in all the world.

The Pedigree of Kaiserwurde

Sire Line: 

Kaiserwurde is tail-male to the Darley Arabian/Eclipse via St. Leger winner Touchstone.  From there on out, the line reads as follows:  Newminster (St. Leger)-Hermit (Derby Stakes)-Heaume (French Derby and French 2000 Guineas)-Le Roi Soleil (Prix Royal Oak – French St. Leger)-Sans Souci II (Grand Prix De Paris)-La Farina (Prix Lupin)-Bubbles (Grand Prix De Saint-Cloud).  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this is one stout group of horses.  La Farina is a professional Chef-de-Race; the others are not ranked.

Overall Lineage:

As one might imagine, Kaiserwurde has a unique and unusual pedigree blend.  But interestingly enough, she and Reine-de-Course Simon’s Shoes, share a common family, 5-H (Ann of the Forest).  While one cannot say they are closely related, Kaiserwurde and Simon’s Shoes share a common tenth dam, Sheperdess (1809) by Shuttle-Buzzard Mare by Buzzard.  The respective daughters of this taproot matron that led us to these two superior mares are Georgiana by Woful (Simon’s Shoes) and Androssan Mare (Kaiserwurde).

Another notable German matron, Waldrun (1943 by Alchimist) shares the Ann of the Forest family with this famous duo.   One of Waldrun’s most famous descendents, Windwurf, is by Kaiseradler, so he has a double of the 5-H clan.

Kaiserwurde’s inbreeding is very complex, so bear with us as we go through it line by line, for this is a history lesson of the highest order.  She is inbred to full siblings St. Hilaire and St. Damien.  The latter won the Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot.

There are a multitude of Pocahontas (1837) lines:  Stockwell x3/King Tom x4/Rataplan/Araucaria x2 for a total of 10 crosses of this “large heart” mare.  There is also a cross of half brothers Wenlock (St. Leger) and Kisber (Epsom Derby), out of the mare Mineral by Rataplan, a son of Pocahontas who is farther back still in the pedigree.

We then find Paraffin/Lord Lyon, half siblings out of Paradigm and they are joined by Paradigm’s half sister Rouge Rose x2 – this makes for Ellen Horne x4.  Moving right along, we encounter inbreeding to “Birdcatcher Mare” via Barcaldine x2 (he is inbred to this mare via half siblings Solon and Bon Accord) plus two crosses of half siblings Fazzoletto and La Bossue (out of Canezou) in Bubbles’ contribution.

And full siblings Breadalbane and Blair Athol are in Bubbles’ pedigree alone as well.

Finally, Kaiserwurde carries a cross of half siblings The Golden Horn and Buccaneer (out of Little Redrover Mare) and her beautifully inbred sire is x2 Polly Agnes via Orphan Agnes and Lily Agnes.  To sum up, this mare is inbred to all the important German lines and a few of the best French and British ones as well.  She is a lovely hybrid which arrived on the scene just in time to have enough relatives in place that horses like Monsun became possible.

Who Cares?

Some of you may have nodded off by now, but those of you who have stayed with us long enough to learn something might have caught onto what seems to be the prevailing theory:  That these wondrous German horses are the “outcrosses” of the future.

With horses like Noble Stella (GER) and Shirocco (GER) in the news and with Monsun making The Thoroughbred Times (August 19 issue, page 73)—the inbreeding thing is wrong, but at least he got a write-up—it is time to know what you don’t know, if nothing else.  Familiarize yourself with names like Alkalde, Lavirco, Sumitas and Willingly  As time goes on, you may well find them in the black type of a horse you are thinking of buying.  It is wise to learn their strengths – and character, for if German horses had only one main quality it would most certainly be their character.

New Reines-de-Course from this line are Kaiserwurde herself, Kronung; Kronungsgabe and Kronungspracht.  We’re also adding Ann of the Forest here to make the No. 5 families included to date more cohesive and to give them an “umbrella”.  Plus the nice thing is you don’t really have to learn how to inbreed to Kaiserwurde.  The good German breeders have already done it for us.  How nice it is to see a superior mare appreciated and to see the rich reward of horses like Monsun and Alkalde.  And all the while, you only thought they built a good car.

Family 5-H