Light Side

Back in the seventies and eighties I wrote a number of articles and columns for several publications that focused mostly on issues of the day in a humorous vein.  Several people who remember those days have suggested I reprint some of them, and in looking at them I was especially surprised at how relevant some of the themes are today.  Change a few names and some could have been written today.

While these pieces have nothing to do with Reines or pedigrees, our website seemed like a good forum to offer something different that you will hopefully find to be an entertaining change of pace.  And if you get a few laughs reading some of the material, then it’s worth the time cluttering up an over-cluttered web.

Most all of the material was published in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, mostly in either Turf & Sport Digest or The Horsemen’s Journal.  If some names or references escape you, blame it happily on your youth.  If, on the other hand, you remember some of these incidents, then we’re both showing our age.

–Ron Parker

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