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A 9/8/2016 article in about the success of trainer Roger Attfield included the fact that 'he uses stuffed animals as mollification devices outside his horses' stalls--an amusing sight when walking the shedrow.  Danish Dynaformer [photo by Michael Adolphson], for example, has a green alligator he routinely tosses around like a rag doll for passerbys to see.'
"Horses get bored," Attfield commented, "and get bad habits like cribbing and weaving and it's just caused by being bored.  I have always been very conscious of that.  We had bouncy balls and stuff like that before, but years ago my girlfriend at the time who rode on the American equestrian dressage team always believed in having stuffed animals.  So, one day when we had this filly who was quite a problem and very difficult, so we got her a teddy bear.  It really changed her and she loved that thing.  Now all of our horses have them and they really like having them.  They work like a pacifier and if it works, it's fine with me."

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