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We feel the strength of our mating analysis lies in the simple fact that all of our reports are absolutely individual, and we treat your horse as if he or she were our very own when we are working on them.

Further, while computers are certainly helpful, there is no substitute for analytical human thinking in arriving at recommendations. We dislike, for example, the term “nicks”, which is an oversimplification, as only two horses (the sire and broodmare sire) are involved in what is a very complex set of ancestors. What matters instead, we feel, are patterns in any mating: inbreeding or linebreeding, crossing similarly bred horses, and so forth. Nonetheless we have seen massive reports at several times our prices that are simply variations on a cookie cutter list of “nicks”.

We prefer to think there is room for independent thinking in pedigree research, thus we invest a considerable amount of time in providing the most thorough analysis possible. For that reason, when considering our services, we ask that you contact us as far in advance as possible.

Many of our clients are small breeders with one or two mares looking for the best match. For larger operations many types of special reports are available, from matching your sires to all your existing mares and/or suggesting the types of mares to purchase for them to analyzing your broodmare band, suggesting which mares to keep and which to sell. Our aim is always the same: to help every breeder, large and small, to do what is best for their horse and, in so doing, improve the breed.

Following is a list of our most common reports. Special reports or requests for analysis will be quoted on request. There is a $250 minimum on all work performed.

To purchase reports go to On the top row click on Send. Insert email address in the box as and the payment amount in the next box. The rest of the process should be easy to follow,

Full Mare Report $750
Includes detailed analysis of pedigree, female family, best offspring of sire (for inbreeding patterns, not “nicks”), analysis of existing foals, if any, and historical perspective of related horses. Suitable matings included.

Full Sire Report $850
A detailed analysis of pedigree, family and historical perspective of sire line, as with a mare. Includes recommendations for various types of suitable mares.

Pedigree Report $500
A detailed analysis of an individual horses’ pedigree, with family notes and sire line notes. Potential as racing and breeding animal is outlined.

Pedigree Update $350
For those with older Full Mare or Sire reports who would like an updated review of an existing report.

Minimum Charge $250

Sales Catalogues – Quotes On Request

We also offer a multi-stallion farm program wherein the farm works with us and can assist their clients by recommending which of their stallions best fits the clients mare. Call for details.
Discounts available for large amounts of work and up to 25% discount for Pedlines subscribers of two or more years.

Our existing clients are our best advertising, and we will be happy to provide references in response to serious inquiries.

Recently one of our clients emailed us the following:

Hi Ellen:
In world dominated by ENick and True Nick rubbish your work is a breath of fresh air.
Your evaluation is first rate and exactly what I was looking for.
I don’t why everyone considering breeding a mare doesn’t get this type of evaluation before selecting a stallion.
I like all of your suggestions for stallions and appreciate your input on the ones I liked.

Ellen Parker