Our newsletter Pedlines is now in its 21st year of publication and is emailed in pdf format containing pedigree articles, Reine articles and, because we accept no advertising and are thus free to tell it like it is, whatever strikes our fancy or raises our blood pressure at any given time.
Six issue subscriptions only cost $30 and until we finish work on this website, you can subscribe via, sending the remittance to

We could go on at length about what we consider are the virtues of Pedlines, but we defer to the following endorsement:

“I’ve been breeding race horses for over 30 years and if you believe, as I do, that the mare is the key to breeding horses that can run, then I urge you to read Ellen Parker’s Pedlines on a regular basis.
“I think that she is one of the best and most rewarding pedigree authorities in the country.”     –The late John Forsythe, actor-breeder-owner