Rush Box

The decision to make any mare a Reine-de-Course, or perhaps more precisely the timing of such a call, is never an exact science.  What it really boils down to is that it is impossible to write their stories all at once.

We have, however, been wanting to name Miesque a Reine-de-Course for quite some time.  And when her “niece” Six Perfections won the Breeders’ Cup Mile we were more determined than ever.

On a less international scale, the nifty little local runner Long Gone Con is a product of doubling this female line and his dam is about to foal this spring to Miesque’s Son.  Very Much The Lady is by the virtually unknown sire Zein, a product of this line.  So there are other branches out there that can be improved by doubling.

We also wanted to remind folks who retained Peteski mares and those who are lucky enough to have Slew City Slew blood that they, too, are products of Rush Box’s genes.  The inbreeding is important enough in this instance that Rush Box got a push forward before some equally worthy mares.

Rush Box was a Bend Or line mare via the stallion Box, a son of Order.  Order was a full brother to Orme, which is quite an important aspect of Rush Box’s pedigree.

Order/Orme are out of the mare Angelica, a full sister to St. Simon, who appears in the same generation of Rush Box’s pedigree for a 3 x 3 cross of the famous pair.  Rush Box was also sex-balance inbred to Bend Or (Ormonde/Field Azure), and was balanced and line-bred x3 to Pocahontas (King Tom x2/Araucaria).  Lexington was balanced and trebled, sons War Dance and Lightning to daughter Hira.  Linebred to via daughters were Glencoe (x4) and Planet (x2).

The sum total of Rush Box’ pedigree was thus filled with the best of the “purest” breed (St. Simon and his sister) and the best of early American breeding.

Rush Box was owned by Dr. M. E. Johnston who bred her multiple champion Sarazen, his full brother Adolphus (also a gelding) and their full sister That’s That, the unplaced agent through which all of the major Rush Box descendents come to us today.  But it is to Alfred G. Vanderbilt, who bred her best descendents, Sea-Change, Next Move and When In Rome, that we owe the most for building the family‘s foundation.

Vanderbilt did not keep all these mares in his stud, however.  He sold Sea-Change to Morven Stud; When In Rome went to Mrs. Louisa D’A Carpenter and Next Move he kept for himself.  As one can see from the accompanying chart, the “Miesque Branch” (Sea-Change) is most certainly the strongest, but others have some diversity to offer.  They are worth knowing about.

Next Move

The strongest racehorse representative of this branch is Canadian Triple Crown winner Peteski, a son of Affirmed.  Unfortunately prior to his premature death at age 11 in 2001, he did not exactly set the world on fire as a stallion.  But then neither did other sons of Affirmed.

Nevertheless, we are certain that there are breeders out there who own some of his daughters. Should those breeders happen to be in Washington state, they might just happen to run into the bloodlines of a close relation from this branch of the family named Native Born, a useful sire from the region.   Restless Native, a full brother to Native Born, was a winner who was a better sire still.  Many of his offspring can be found in the Mid Atlantic region, but one of his best sons, Restless Con, stands in California.

In researching the non-stakes winners from the tail-female line, we find that there are a number of young, well-bred mares from this branch of the family which have not been bred with much thought.  When this happens, families end up with wide gaps between stakes winners and that is what has happened here.  There are, quite frankly, too many foals in this section of the family by obscure stallions.  We can’t feel there is much hope for Next Move herself making the Reine list unless something dramatically unexpected happens.

When In Rome

When In Rome owes any chance of breeding on to her great-grandaughter Weber City Miss, a wonderful racehorse who won or placed in a dozen G1 or G2 races.  She is the dam of the marvelous runner Slew City Slew and his full sister City Dance, a stakes producer.

There are several other half, three-quarter and full siblings to the pair.  Only one is a stakes producer to date – Space Fantasy, a daughter of Alleged who foaled Ice Agent ($324,233), a stakes placed colt by Miswaki.  Full sister Shoot The Moon has not produced anything of note so far, but she has a just-turned two-year-old by Thunder Gulch.  Three-quarter sister All For Erika by Capote, looked to be the family’s best hope, but she died in 2002.

This portion of the family was also bred rather carelessly, but it has produced more stakes horses than Next Move’s group.  There is a smattering of “life” among almost all sub-branches, most of it regional in nature.  Sad to say When In Rome is not Reine material at present, either.  But neither is she useless.

There are all kinds of inbreeding possibilities here thanks to Slew City Slew’s durability.  Don’t sell him short.  Don’t sell short a good horse from one of his sisters, either, provided she has shown some kind of life.  These are ideal mates for Kingmambo-line sires.


Now What – The Queen

Now What was an exceptional runner who became the main thread through which Rush Box carries on.  She was also bred quite differently from her sisters, in that she had both Count Fleet and *Princequillo to help her get to the point where Neriad broke things wide open.

From that point on, the family spent enough time in Europe to form a classic base, accounting for such good horses as *Comtesse De Loir and of course Miesque.  Seldom did any of them see a truly bad stallion.

When it (the family line) then returned home to the U. S., it had a solid base of stamina and soundness and was ready to ‘accept’ American speed again, largely in the form of Mr. Prospector. And from the way the family developed, one can only assume that this very formula is what has made this branch of the family so much stronger than those which lacked a similar foundation.

We have written about Miesque at length in other issues of Pedlines, so there is little reason to repeat her well-known story here.  Before long, sons of Kingmambo should begin to show up around the country – King Cugat, Lemon Drop Kid and Parade Ground are but a few of the best-known names who are currently standing at stud.

Then there is Mojave Moon, a three-quarter brother to Kingmambo by Mr. Prospector out of Miesque’s champion French filly East of the Moon (by Private Account).  He is twice stakes placed and stands in Maryland.

Using mares with Restless Native, Slew City Slew or Peteski would be well worth a try with any of these horses.  This family may have only one major branch, but keep in mind that its two weak branches got a millionaire and successful sire like Slew City Slew and a Canadian Triple Crown winner in Peteski.  Imagine what would happen if someone had a close relative of either and bred that mare back to one of the better kin of Miesque!

For longevity, classic ability and more soundness than most, we thus name Rush Box a Reine-de-Course along with *Neriad and Miesque.  It is our sincere hope that we can return to Weber City Miss and add her as well in the coming years.

Family 20