Square Angel

When one is an office of one plus (Ron’s invaluable technical expertise and his own writing contribution) we don’t always get everything done we would like to do.  So to anyone whose e-mail got ignored or delayed, we apologize.  We do not undervalue others’ opinions; we simply do not have time to do everything.

Thus when we came across an old e-mail from David Cowl sent almost a year ago in October of 2013, we gave it a hard look, got a printout and decided to definitely honor his request that Square Angel and her descendants Kamar and Stellerette be added to the Reine-de-Course list.  On our own, we decided to add Love Smitten, dam of Swain.

Square Angel was a champion at three in Canada and she had a gorgeous pedigree.  By the frequently underappreciated Quadrangle (*Mahmoud male line), she was inbred to the great Bull Lea (Tap Day/Two Lea).   Her dam, Nangela, was inbred to their Pretty Polly root via three-quarter sisters Lady Angela and Sybil’s Niece.

There is also a treble of half siblings Ballot x2/Ballet Girl (x3 *Cerito) and there is a wonderful background of Black Duchess, Domino and St. Simon.  She was, in other words, bred to be an excellent broodmare and the sires to which she was bred, Key to the Mint in particular, supported this as he, too, was a top broodmare sire.

Therefore Square Angel, Kamar, Stelerette and Love Smitten are now members of the Reine-de-Course group under Pretty Polly.  This is a family that never seems to stop and ranks up there with the likes of Frizette, Aloe, *La Troienne, Grey Flight, Simon’s Shoes, and other super-lines.  In other words, the kind of mare every breeder aspires to own.

Family 14-C